Choosing the right Mouse Pad


What is the best mouse pad for me?

When choosing a mouse pad it is very essential to chose one that fits your needs. If you are a gamer, or work in an office, they might be slightly different. While an office workers most wanted feature is comfort, if you are a gamer you might want that extra grip so when you make fast moves your mouse pad does not move.

You can have the best mouse in the world, if you don’t have the right surface to put it on. Many of us have gaming desks, which are good to use with a mouse, but if you have a shiny table, then sometimes your mouse will glitch or not work properly. This can be annoying when you are playing a game, or editing an image.


Razer mouse pads are great for games and office works as well. It comes with chrome lightning. It has a solid rubber base, and a very good textured surface which is good for any mouse sensor.

But Razer is not the only option you can choose when getting a mouse pad!


The G440 developed by Logitech is a gaming mouse pad made for high DPI gaming mouses. It is the best if you pair it up with a mouse of its own kind, like a logitech gaming mouse. The pad is made out of hard rubber, and has a consistent top-surface texture with low friction.

These two are the best on the market currently. If you work in an office, or game at home, these mouse pads will be a great choice for you, and don’t be afraid to spend a little more, because you will get quality! Even if you have a low end cheap mouse, these will be a perfect choice! You can find these in any local computer shop, or e commerce store!


The Process of In Game Boosting


How does one get to Diamond?

if you have play League of Legends, i am sure you have seen players in Diamond or even challenger, who does not belong there. If you are wondering how does one get to Diamond so simply and quickly, the answer to your question is elo boosting.  Even If you are experienced in playing matches and winning them, you just simply cannot get there as fast as you could with boosting. Of course, you can get there with hard work, i am not saying you can’t, but if you have the extra cash, just pay for it. It is way more easier then loosing because of other players.

Choosing the right company for your needs!

When choosing a boosting company, you will have to be cautious. You will not only hand them your full accounts, but you will give them your money, and your trust. There are several companies that you can find on Google, who scammed their customers by taking their money and not doing the work they got paid for. Many of these peoples voices are not heard, because they have a so large customer base, that they can do this.  Before you make your purchase, and this does not only hold only for elo boosting, this holds for everything you buy on the internet! Please take care, and research about that company you are buying from. And easy way to do it is by typing in their name + review into google, and you will quickly see what other people thing about them. I have been scammed before by a company who i will not name now, because we have settled the dispute, but if you write a private message to me i will gladly tell you their name! If i had to recommend anyone, it would be Amazing Boost.

What are the signs that an Elo Boost company is fraud?

First thing that you will notice if you are threading on a website of a company like this, is that they do not have SSL protection, so you do not see the https:// in the address bar of your browser. This SSL protection is very essential in protecting your account data, and can be acquired for free by from cloudflare, so anyone who does not use something like this is either lazy, or fraud. The second thing is, that you will not get any confirmation email or notification of your payment or your order. This should be a must for any company that you are dealing with. If you encounter a great business, then you will be able to watch the boosting process live, or get notifications about it. The third and the last thing to take into consideration is being cheap. If you find ridiculously low prices that are too good to be true, then usually they are. Some of the scam sites i have seen try to low cut the market, so the people will instantly buy from them, because they offer such low prices, but in reality, they will never get their money or account back.

How long does it take?

Well, the time depends on the division you want to get in, and the division that you are currently in. Because if you are in bronze, and you want to get into challenger, that will take a lot of time. On the other hand, if you are in Gold, and want to get into Platinum, that can be days, or even one day. It all depends how much you pay for the service, and how good the boosters are.

EP1 – The Beginning

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